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Pablo Carpio (b. Madrid, 1979) currently lives and works in Madrid. He has lived for years in New York, where he developed part of his career, and in other cities such as Berlin, Buenos Aires and Mexico City.  His work explores the material possibilities of painting, to develop a language in abstract terms, that aims to take the physicality of the medium towards the questioning of its own limits. Guided by an expansive and intuitive use of gestural marks, Carpio develops a unique formal exploration, in a field of action, in which the boundaries between the two and three dimensions are blurred. Thus suggesting an indirect conversation with sculpture, and pushing the conventional notions of painting into new territories. The result reveals a powerful form of expression, intended to be experienced by the viewer.


He was a recipient of the  Artist Mentoring Program (IAP) of the New York Foundation for the Arts (2013). His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in spaces such as: New York Foundation for the Arts (New York, 2013), Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation (New York, 2013), Waterfall Mansion & Gallery (New York, 2014), the 3rd Edition of the Biennial o Visual Arts Areatec (Buenos Aires, 2014), Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII (Madrid, 2016), Estampa Art Fair, (2021), 80 Valdepeñas Visual Arts International Exhibition (2019), Deji Art Museum (Nanjing, China, 2021), Paul Smith Store & Gallery (London, 2022), Cerquone Gallery (Caracas, 2021. Madrid, 2019, 2022) or Palau de Casavells by Alzueta Gallery (Girona, 2022). Recently shortlisted for the 36th edition of the BMW Painting Award. His works can be found in private collections and institutions internationally.




Solo  Exibitions

2022 Piedra con Piedra, Cerquone Gallery, Madrid.
2018 Silencios sedimentados, Mirat Projects. 

2016 Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII, Hybrid Art Festival, Madrid.

2 Medios, Galería Mirat & Co, Madrid.

2011 Movimientos, Espacio Naranjo, Madrid.

Group  Exibitions


2024 Prójimo Próximo Foundation. Charity Exhibition.
2022 Maza #3, Maza.Art, Madrid.

Palau de Casavells, Alzueta Gallery, Girona.

Maza #1, Maza.Art, Madrid.
2021 36th edition of the BMW Painting Award, Collective exhibition, On-line.

Paul Smith Store & Gallery, London.
Deji Art Museum, Inaugural group show, Nanjing, China.
Jorge Alcolea Gallery, Abstractions, conceive the form, Barcelona.
Cerquone Gallery, Fresco, Caracas, Venezuela.

Estampa Art Fair. Madrid, Spain.

ArtMadrid, Spain.
2020 Art Matters 2, Galerie Biesenbach, Online.
Bea Villamarín Galery, Gijón, Asturias.
Cerquone Gallery, Sweet Space Museum, Madrid.
#busyARThome, Programa Taide.
Percatarse de una cosa no es conocerla, Espacio Vista, Madrid.
Deep Blue See, Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
2019 Gabinete, Cerquone Gallery, Madrid.
Pretenso, Cerquone Gallery, Madrid.
80 Valdepeñas International Visual Arts Exhibition, Ciudad Real.
2018 Should I stay or should I go, Barbecho, Ars COCO, Madrid.
Open to the public , Espacio Vista, Madrid.
Constructing Painting, Pablo Carpio - Denise Treizman, Espacio Vista, Ars COCO, Hybrid Art Festival, Madrid.

2016 Salon Painting, Ladrón Galería, Ciudad de México.
Borderless: In Perspective, Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin.
On Site on 16 Cities, Babette Space, Berlin.

Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Sino-American Artists Exhibition, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Javis Center, Nueva York.
On Site in 16 Cities, Berlin Collective, Nueva York.

Direction, Concepto Hudson Gallery, Hudson, Nueva York.

You’ve got mail, Ground Floor Gallery, Nueva York.
Face to Place, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, Nueva York.

Face to Place, New York Foundation for the Arts, Nueva York.

JustMad. Madrid, Spain.

2014 Areatec 3a Bienal de Artes Visuales, Buenos Aires.
Feel Life, Waterfall Mansion & Gallery, Summer Arts Festival Nueva York.

Seeking Space, The Active Space Gallery, Nueva York.

Square, Spacewomb Gallery, Nueva York.

Select Art Fair. New York, EE.UU.

2013 Pangea. New York Foundation for the Arts, Dumbo Art Festival, Nueva York.

Local Project Mural 2013, Two-Person Exhibition, Local Project Gallery, Nueva York.

2012 Entropía, Espacio Naranjo, Madrid.

Group show, Loft594 Gallery, Nueva York.

2008 I Love Music, Montana Gallery, Barcelona. 

2006 Love and Hate, Aerosol Warfare Gallery, Houston.

Weapons Inspection II, Aerosol Warfare Gallery, Houston.

2005 Weapons Inspection, McCaig-Welles Gallery, Nueva York.

2003 Destino Clandestino, Madrid.


Awards and honors

2021 36th edition of the BMW Painting Award, Shortlisted.

2020 Art Matters 2, Galerie Biesenbach, Online exhibition, Mention.
2019 80 Valdepeñas International Visual Arts Exhibition, Shortlisted.
2017 ArtSlant 1st 2017 Showcase competition, Showcase Juried Winner, Painting category.

2015 Brooklyn Art Space Residency, Selected, New York.

2014 ArtSlant 2nd 2014 Showcase competition, Showcase Juried Winner, Painting category.

2014 Areatec 3a Bienal de Visual Arts, Buenos Aires, Shortlisted.

2013 The New York Foundation for The Arts, IAP program, New York.


NYFA (New York Foundation for the arts), New York, EE.UU.
Areatec, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Deji Art Museum, Nanjin, China.
Zuger Partners Collection, Switzerland.
Private collections: EE.UU, México, España, Francia, Alemania,

Inglaterra, Suiza, Venezuela, China.


2024 Formation Art

2022 PAC​​ (Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo)

2021 BMW Shortlisted 36th Edition

Chicha Proyectos.

Heroes of Tomorrow Magazine.

2020 Desatados. Radio3. (Video).

Masdearte. Fichados.

2018 Siglo XXI  de Radio3, RTVE. Contenedores de arte. Entrevista. (minute 38 to 42'5)

2016 Picnic Magazine. Mexico.

Artslant. Under the Radar.

2015 Descubrir el Arte. Nº191.

Bric Arts Media Short List. Curated By Erin Gleason.

2014 The Artist Catalogue

2013 Fronterad Magazine.

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