Pablo Carpio (Madrid, Spain, 1979) is an artist who currently lives and works in Madrid. He has lived in New York (2004-05, 2011-16), where he develops part of his career, and in other cities such as Berlín, Buenos Aires and México City. His work explore the material possibilities of painting itself, pushing boundaries and questioning conventional systems, by building highly textured abstract compositions, that expand the medium in a unique dialogue through color, gesture and matter. The main formal aspect of his work is based on a very thick paint-paste of acrylic, sand and limestone, that he applies onto the surface of the canvas, leaving deep traces and high reliefs, with a variety of construction spatulas. Carpio’s investigations rely on issues of balance, between light and shade, flatness and volume, movement and stillness, in a process, both meditative and playful, that aims to achieve an immersive experience rather than a visual representation. He was a recipient of the  Artist Mentoring Program (IAP) of the New York Foundation for the Arts (2013). His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in spaces such as: New York Foundation for the Arts (New York, 2013), Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation (New York, 2013), Waterfall Mansion & Gallery (New York, 2014), the 3rd Edition of the Biennial of Visual Arts Areatec (Buenos Aires, 2014), Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII (Madrid, 2016) or Cerquone Projects (Madrid, Caracas, Miami, 2020).

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